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Relocate to Spain looks at all avenues to save its members monies in their quest to Live in Spain or Purchase Property in Spain     



                                   Relocate to Spain has spent a great deal of time establishing the best rates available for its members who are wishing to exchange monies for their Spanish home purchase or indeed to bring out to live on.

We are in no doubt that one of the very best methods of exchange is to use one of the growing Foreign exchange brokers based in London. Indeed we have helped achieve 6% above the nearest Bank rate of exchange for members ,which would put an extra 6,000 euros in your Pocket for every 100,000 euros you exchange.

Simply drop us an e-Mail or telephone our help line to get full address details.

The role of a Foreign Currency Exchange Specialist

Most people Moving out to Spain whether relocating or indeed purchasing property in Spain will require to transfer a substantial amount of money to their Spanish bank account, which in most cases used to involve using their UK bank to transfer the Monies. This we are pleased to say is no longer the case and many Companies now trade exclusively in this market but finding the right one to give you the very best rates is where we can help.

The Problem with using your UK bank is that they will only allow you a tourist exchange rate, which then allows them to transfer the monies through at the much higher commercial rate thus making a handsome profit from the transition. In addition to this profit they invariably also make a charge for the Transfer of Funds to your Spanish Account, whilst not always giving the best service in the process, we have experienced many members having had their transfers `Lostī in the system through inadequate staff transactions! and nearly loosing their dream home because of the lack of funds.

Good Foreign Currency exchange Companies offer Commercial rates to their customers and do not charge on top for transferring the cash to your Spanish account. Thus making a substantial saving to you. Further More if you are really cagey you can secure today's high exchange rates for a date in advance, when rates may have fallen.  can Guarantee its members to save money on normal UK bank cash transfers; Just another good reason for being a Member.


       Stop Paying above the odds for your cash transfers and save yourself some hard earned cash, give our Help line a call today.

Don't just accept the first quote you are given despite the excellent rates, like everything in life.. Shop Around the brokers or let us do the work for you

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